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Talentis: The Best Recruitment Software for Executive Search & Strategic Talent Acquisition

Talentis is a unique recruiting software designed to help recruiters involved in the search for passive candidates – particularly at the professional, management, and executive levels. It features tools that are simply not found on more traditional recruitment software systems – features that will generate recruiting efficiencies for recruiting teams and companies of all sizes.


Talentis is not an applicant tracking system. An ATS is typically used by companies wishing to track large volumes of candidates through a hiring process. The workflow behind such a process – marketing a job, candidate application forms and applicant tracking is very different from the executive search methodology that underpins the Talentis recruiting software.


Executive search firms, private equity teams, and strategic talent acquisitions teams use Talentis to identify professional management and executive talent via its unique candidate sourcing functionality and then use the Talentis project management functionality to manage the hiring process.

Passive candidates versus applicants

More than just an ATS, Recruiters turn to Talentis in scenarios where they seek to find the very best candidate for a job – not necessarily the best applicant. The platform features unique research functionality designed to help recruiters source and research candidates across the web – including our unique TalentGraph search which allows recruiters to identify executive candidates that may not be found on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook or registering on job boards.


In addition to this built-in search functionality, the platform streamlines the more traditional sourcing process by facilitating “no data entry” record creation from across the web. Creating a person record in Talentis is typically achieved with no data entry whatsoever – unlike on legacy hr tech and recruitment software products that require extensive data entry and management.


Talentis has been described as having “the ease of use of Excel; the searching power of Google and the contextual understanding of a recruiter.” Taking advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence technology (AI) and big data features to revolutionize the management of an executive search process.

The Talentis TalentGraph links publicly available profiles.

Stand-alone executive search CRM- or partner with an ATS

Talentis is not just a sourcing tool. The platform features tools designed to support the broader executive search and hiring process. For example, once candidates have been identified, they can be added to assignments (jobs) with no more than a click or two, via an intuitive process that recruiters love.


The longlisting functionality built into Talentis allows for quick and easy project management and recruiters are able to use the system on a standalone basis or via a third-party recruitment software or applicant tracking system.

Transforming how recruiters track data

Legacy recruitment software platforms are sold as empty systems, with the responsibility for the recruiter to fill with – and maintain – information about talent. In addition to the headstart offered by the Talentis Talentgraph and the zero-typing data entry platform, Talentis also significantly reduces the costs associated with data maintenance. The platform is constantly refreshing core biographical information about the talent our recruiters track – ensuring that data is far fresher than that found in old-fashioned recruiting software systems.


This unique approach to data sourcing and management is not a mere feature or tool of the system- it’s core to the entire platform. Furthermore, by reducing the need for recruiters to track candidate and applicant data themselves, it can support a companies data privacy needs.


Other recruitment CRM software may offer similar functionality via partnerships with a third-party recruiting tool, but as an “all in one” integrated solution, Talentis is unique in how it saves time for recruiters throughout the hiring process.

Search Google for Passive Candidates

The Talentis Chrome extension - tracking talent across the web

In addition to the Talentis web app, much of the unique power of Talentis is delivered via the Talentis Chrome extension. The Chrome extension allows recruiters to find, research, source and – eventually – hire the right candidates from across the web.


While traditional recruitment software tools are marketed around the concept of simple data entry, Talentis turns recruiting systems on their heads by delivering information about the hiring process to the recruiter wherever and whenever they need it – via the extension.


A great example of this is on Google search results, which are enhanced by the Talentis extension to allow users to engage with candidates – and understand relationships – directly from the Google search results page.


Another example? The ability to add multiple potential candidates to a search directly from a social media search results page or even some company “meet the management” type marketing websites!

Who uses Talentis?

Launched in 2021, Talentis is already used by independent researchers and recruiters, boutique executive search firms, strategic talent acquisition teams at global companies, and private equity teams tasked with hiring managers for portfolio companies.


Our clients use the platform as a stand-alone product, combining traditional recruitment software tools with candidate sourcing functionality or, in some cases, alongside an ATS or CRM. Our clients also use the platform for talent tracking and the building of pipelines of talent for future opportunities.


Talentis is entirely cloud-based and is a true SaaS solution – the product will work on a Windows or Mac platform, with all functionality delivered through the browser (and a Chrome extension which is also stored in your browser) – very few executive search focussed recruiting solutions are as accessible as Talentis.

Talentis: Modern executive recruitment software with exceptional support

Talentis is intuitive, fast, stable, and offers a joyful user experience. The typical user will not require much help, training, or support. However, should it be required, users can be confident that the Talentis platform is backed by one of the best-known recruiting software vendors in the world – Ikiru People.


Ikiru People is the team behind executive search software FileFinder and contingent recruitment software Voyager Infinity, along with the candidate applicant assessment platform, ISV.Online. Our recruiting solutions are trusted by recruitment agencies, talent acquisition teams, hiring managers, and executive search firms worldwide – our help desk regularly receives five-star feedback on TrustPilot.


Ikiru People is a publicly-traded business, with offices in the United States, Europe, and Australasia, the group has worked with thousands of talent recruiting teams across the world  The management team behind Talentis has decades of experience in developing, marketing, and supporting tools and software for the global staffing, hiring, and management recruiting sectors.

Talentis is not an ATS...

Talentis is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). An ATS is designed to track job applicants to jobs – typically featuring job board or website integration at its core.


Unlike these candidate tracking systems, Talentis is primarily designed for sourcing passive candidates – individuals who may not be actively seeking a new job. While Talentis may well be the best recruitment software for passive candidate recruitment, it is certainly not the best platform for marketing a job, for tracking active candidates and job seekers, or for job board automation.


Firms looking for an applicant tracking system are better off considering products like Jobvite, Greenhouse, Workable, Lever, Bamboohr or Icims. The marketing of these products suggests that they are primarily designed for the recruiting process associated with the management of active job applicants.


Equally, Talentis is not best used for placing temporary or shift-based staff into short-term jobs – for this type of hiring challenge, a better choice of recruiting software might be Voyager Infinity, which is designed specifically to manage the temporary staff hiring process and the associated job marketing.

Executive Recruiting Software with a free trial

Talentis is intuitive and easy to learn recruitment software, requiring virtually no onboarding. That’s why we are happy to allow recruiters free access to the platform for a week to allow them to experience its powerful sourcing and tracking features before signing up.


You can start your free trial – with no commitment or credit card required – here. If you’d to learn more through an initial conversation or demonstration or have specific software requirements that you wish to discuss, schedule a slot with one of our consultants here.

Talentis & GatedTalent

Companies subscribing to Talentis also receive free access to the GatedTalent executive talent pool.


GatedTalent is a talent portal where board, executive, and management level candidates can share detailed profiles and resumes with executive recruiters – while maintaining privacy in a manner that is not possible on “social media” sites such as LinkedIn.


Executives wishing to create a GatedTalent profile are able to do so free of charge. The GatedTalent team does provide executive career support services on demand, however – including everything from LinkedIn profile optimization to job interview preparation coaching. These career support tools are primarily designed for passive candidates looking to be on the radar of headhunters – but may also support prospective applicants involved in an active job search. GatedTalent can support all aspects of the executive candidate experience.


The GatedTalent team also regularly hosts webinars – often featuring speakers from the recruiting industry – on topics associated with the executive hiring and job search process. Potential candidates wishing to learn more about executive recruitment are encouraged to review our various blogs or join the complimentary “How executive search works” webinars hosted by the GatedTalent team on a weekly basis.

Talentis Executive Recruiting Software - How to learn more

Talentis is a highly cost-effective solution, as suited to start-up executive search firms as to enterprise clients, with pricing that is entirely transparent. Indeed, with candidate sourcing and AI technology built in, Talentis comes at a price that is far more cost-effective than competitive products that require a suite of complementary tools and integrations to achieve a fraction of the same result – we encourage you to compare!


To learn more about the features that make Talentis the best recruitment software for hiring passive and executive-level candidates, check the video on this site, book a demonstration or start your free trial today.