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The Executive Resume – Global Differences

At GatedTalent, we are genuinely proud to work with executives from more than one hundred countries worldwide.  We are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to career advice, and so we’ve always made it a key objective to offer advice that is as relevant for a member in the USA as one in India.  That’s one of the reasons why we are so proud to have partnered with top global career coach and executive resume writer Tim Windhof.

In this terrific blog for Forbes, Tim discusses how executives resumes vary around the world.

You probably know that some countries describe the document as a Curriculum Vitae – or CV.  Did you know, however, that the type of “boastful” resume which might be expected in the US is likely to be considered inappropriate in Europe?  Are you aware that if you are producing a resume for Asia, you need to reference the importance of “the team”?  Or simply that recruiters in the US will use a “Letter Size” paper, while in most of the world word processors will default to A4.  A beautifully designed resume appears far less beautiful when it doesn’t fit on the screen of the recruiter!

Tim is a regular host on our webinars and has spoken on a variety of career-related topics. We are delighted, however, to have taken our partnership one step further – we now offer a combined “executive career package” which delivers our executive clients an entire suite of career documents – with Tim focussing on the offline materials (including, of course, the resume) and with the GatedTalent team putting together your LinkedIn and GatedTalent profiles.  It’s a unique combination that gives our members the very best opportunity for a successful executive search.

To learn more about this service, contact our team initially.

If you’d like to attend some of Tim’s GatedTalent webinars, simply login to your account to see upcoming sessions or access our library of “on-demand” webinars (requires Premium Membership – available within the App).

In a truly globalized executive employment market, it might come as a surprise that there isn’t one binding international resume standard.

Tim Windhof
Recruiting Brief