Executive candidate sourcing beyond LinkedIn: Free training for recruiters!

Oct 20, 202110:00am BST1 hour

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Any recruiter tasked with delivering the very best candidate for a job knows that searching LinkedIn is a great starting point – but rarely tells the whole story.
In this free 1-hour training session – Tom Crowfoot, formerly a Head of Research for executive search firms including CT Partners, Alexander Mann, Sheffield Haworth, The Cornhill Partnership, Euromedica and currently both Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence for Talent Collective and Managing Director of Digby Edwards will cover:

• Who’ll you’ll find in LinkedIn – and who you won’t!
• Google versus Bing versus Data Aggregators – where to begin?
• What makes a good source?
• How to think like a search engine
• Building a search string

This webinar will be delivered on multiple occasions to cover multiple time zones. Please select your preferred option before registering.

All attendees will receive a free handout and a free one-month trial of the Talentis executive search platform.

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