Technical Help

Account & Profile Creation

  • Unable to verify account

    Please follow this link to register again: and verify your account as soon as you can. The link in the verification email is valid for 24 hours.


    The verification email link expires after 24 hours. If the time limit has expired, please register again.

  • Unable to find location

    The Location format is: Town/City – State – Country.  Please begin with typing the Town or City name.


    Our location list is based on the population of a town or city. If your current location is not available on the list, we would suggest selecting a larger populated location nearest to your location.

  • Unable to find Industry

    Our database of industries may not have an exact match for the industry title you are searching.


    Example: ‘IT or Information Technology’ = ‘Software and Computer Services’


    You can select more than one industry to cover your role, as appropriate. You can also include Information Technology as a skill in the skills section.


  • Change login email or primary email

    You can switch your primary email. Firstly, add your new email as a secondary email and verify the account.


    Once you have verified the account, go back to the Email section on your profile and next to the email there should be an option “Make this primary”. Your login email will change to this new primary email.

  • Change password

    To change a password please visit

  • Onboarding error - Cannot be regressed

    Clicking the Back button on your browser after registering and starting the profile creation process will result in an error message “Cannot be regressed”.


    This error message means that once the onboarding process has started, the process cannot be reversed. This may happen if you have accidentally hit the back button on your browser or keyboard.


    Please try login again to your account and continue with the onboarding process. If you just move forward and not back, the message will not re-appear.


    If you do wish to restart the onboarding process, go to Account Settings > Recreate.

  • Onboarding - Unable to upload Resume/CV

    After registration, the first step would be to create your profile.


    Click ‘Next’ and select the option “Import existing Resume/CV”.


    If you are on this page, select an option: Creating new profile or Import existing Resume/CV, and you will need to select one of the options whether you would like to receive any GatedTalent updates. As you click NEXT, the system will prompt you to attach your CV.


  • Resume/CV parsing during registration

    When users first registers with GatedTalent, they have an option to create a profile from scratch or import/parse from their resume/CV.


    Sometimes due to the formatting of the resume/CV, the profile may not be created correctly or information may have been missed.


    The resume/CV parser works depending on the resume/CV structure, and we are sorry it did not work for you. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can use your LinkedIn PDF profile. The conversion may work better.


    If you wish to try again, you can reset your profile by going into Account Settings > Recreate.


    When you are prompted to choose an option to create your profile, please select “Import existing Resume/CV” and upload your LinkedIn profile.


  • Changing your Headline

    You can choose one of your professional experiences as your headline by going into your employment record and enable the toggle for “Make this position your headline?”


    The system will display your chosen headline.


  • Achievements / Personal Statement

    Achievements can be awards/recognitions, special projects, publications, procedures implemented or innovations introduced. Things may include something measurable or quantifiable like revenue increased or money saved for a company or exceeding sales goal by %.


    For Personal Statement, usually it would be a summary of your professional experience, career highlights, achievements, specialist area, skills, etc.

  • Anonymity

    Members often ask how to stay anonymous or what data is shared with an executive search firm without a connection.


    In GatedTalent, we anonymize all your personal identifying information such as first name, last name, email address, phone number, bio photo and links. For any resumes/CVs and documents you have uploaded, we desensitize the contents. Recruiters can search the content of your resume/CV and profile such as job title, company name, job role description, education, location, skills, etc. but will not be able to search by your name or contact email/phone.


    Search firms can only view your name, contact information, and download your resume/CV once they are connected with you.


    If at any time you would like to change your connection decision, you can do so by going into Requests > History. You have control of your data and manage which executive search firm have access to your data.

  • Password combination

    GatedTalent account passwords have a minimum requirement.


    Your password must meet the requirements of minimum of 8 characters and a combination of uppercase, lowercase, number and non-alphanumeric character (such as !, #, $, @, % ..) – for instance: P@SSW0rd123, Ga7edTa!enT.


    Anything that meets the above combination should work.

  • Apply a coupon code

    On the subscription screen, click on the subscription (highlighted below) and on the edit subscription screen, you should see Apply Coupon (highlighted below).


    Enter your promo code and continue.


Account Closure

  • Delete account and data

  • Unsubscribe or cancel Premium subscription/refund

    If you wish to cancel your Premium membership subscription, please login to your account and go to Account Settings > Manage Subscriptions.


    You will be redirected to your payment and subscription page. Click to view your subscription and click on Cancel Subscription.


    This should end all recurring billings. GatedTalent is still free to use with Standard membership.

  • Opting out from GatedTalent mailing list

    If you do not wish to opt in for any future mailings, you can change your preferences by logging into to your GatedTalent account and go to Account Settings. Set the option “GatedTalent updates” to NO.


Platform use - Executive Search Firms

  • Unable to find Connection Requests

    You can see all your connection requests by logging into your account and go to Request>New or History.


    Under the heading Connection Requests, click on “Show More” to view the full list of requests.

Platform use - GatedTalent members

  • How do I contact executive search firms?

    We have a list of recruitment firms, including those who we work with, on our website:


    You can filter the search firms by location or sector and view their company profile. If you wish to connect with the firm, click on the button “Connect with Us” if they are a current GatedTalent client.


    Login to your account to authenticate the connection. Once you are connected, the executive search firm will have access to your profile and would be able to consider you for suitable openings.


    If you cannot connect with the executive search firm you wish to connect with, we also recommend connecting with their LinkedIn Company Page.

  • Premium members – awaiting Connection Requests from executive search firms

    Premium membership may help to give your profile greater visibility in terms of appearing higher up in the search results but this will only be effective if you have a good profile with skills strengths, relevant industries and roles that the executive search firms are looking for.  Please do ensure you have your resume/CV, professional experiences, skill strengths and aspirations completed on your profile. This will help your profile to surface when recruiters carry out their searches.


    Each week we have several thousand requests sent from executive search firms, and there is a possibility that your profile have not matched what they were looking for. Executive roles take time and are harder to fill. We hope you will hear from executive search firms soon.


    We do have some webinars that may assist with how to best optimize your GatedTalent profile and the executive search process. Please feel free to join us.


    Here’s a list of available webinars:

  • Search firms have not responded following a connection request

    When executive search firms review your profile initially via GatedTalent, they may have found you by matching skills, job title or company name. They do not have access to your contact data, full profile and any attached documents or links.


    Some recruiters work on a project-by-project basis only contacting members when there is a specific opportunity available. Other recruiters additionally build a talent pipeline for the future.


    Accepting connection requests from executive search firms allows them to access your full profile and if they find you are a good match for the role, they may be in touch immediately. Otherwise they may make contact with you, typically when a suitable role arises. Executive roles may take time and harder to fill.


    Once you are connected with an executive search firm it means your full profile is available to them, so they can consider you for current or future roles.

  • Executive search firm vetting

    All connection requests sent via GatedTalent are from bona fide executive recruiters who have signed our privacy agreement, committing to only use executive information for the purposes of recruiting.  If you are concerned about phishing, you can also access any connection requests by going to and logging into your account directly. The “Invitations” tab will list any outstanding requests.

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