Get "on the radar" of Headhunters looking to fill Executive Appointments

Headhunters rarely advertise.  Chief Executive opportunities are not listed on job boards and CEO vacancies are often filled confidentially. To be found by the recruiting firms who recruit for these positions, you need to be “on the radar”.


This is what GatedTalent does – it gets you on the radar of more than 200 of the leading headhunting firms in the World. Our direct integration with the CRM database systems used by many of these firms ensures that your information appears where they will look – but allows you to maintain your privacy and control which firms are able to access your confidential data.

The world's leading Headhunters are filling the world’s top positions right now.

Join GatedTalent today:


  • Join a global executive community from more than 100 countries.
  • Be found by Headhunters from more than 200 firms.
  • Accept or reject connection requests based on the targeted opportunities shared with you.
  • Create a profile for free!


Creating a profile on GatedTalent is quick, easy and free (although we offer a paid optimization service on demand – contact us to learn more or join a free webinar to learn more about how Executive Recruiters source “passive candidates”.

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