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About us

AIMS International is organised geographically and by industry/practice. On one hand, we have the country organisations, that are regrouped in regions and sub-regions, namely the AMERICAS with the two sub-regions North America and LATAM, the APAC region and the EMEA region with the sub-regions Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Middle East-Africa. This regional organisation facilitates cross-border cooperation and pooling of resources and competencies in both executive search and HR consulting or talent management projects. It also allows better response to client needs, especially for new entrants into a region. Naturally, each country continues to have its specificities, in terms of culture, language, legislation and market conditions. The local AIMS country organisations were born in each and every country where we operate. They have often been present in the market for decades and can thus serve the local clients and guide the international ones. On the other hand, AIMS International has nine global Practice Groups, namely the seven industry practices: Automotive, Financial & Professional Services, Consumer, Life Sciences, Natural Resources & Energy, Industrial, Media & Technology and the two practices dedicated to areas of competence: Board Services and Talent Management. These are global teams of consultants experienced in those industries who act in common in the best interest of our clients and support the AIMS country organisations with their expertise. This multiple approach, global, regional, local and by competence, is AIMS International’s global response to a changing world in which country boundaries are no longer the sole defining factor, but have often remained strong out of inertia

Executive recruiters

  • Grégoire Depeursinge

    Grégoire Depeursinge

    • Switzerland

    • Managing Partner
    • +41 (0)263220086
    • +41 (0)794169414
    Grégoire comes originally from the Automotive Industry and has held executive positions such as CEO, Director of Procurement & Logistics, Marketing Director, etc. in various European countries. He has studied Marketing and holds an MBA of the renowned Swiss Institute for Management Development (IMD). Besides serving his traditional clients in the Automotive industry, he has gradually built up new competencies. Today, Grégoire leads AIMS International’s Industrial Practice. He also serves on AIMS International’s Executive Board and is in charge of the Western Europe region. Together with his Swiss team and with the full resources of AIMS International’s global organisation at his disposal, Grégoire has positioned AIMS International Switzerland as an innovative and well-differentiated player in HR-Consulting. His personal strength lies in his capacity to quickly grasp the business needs of our clients and propose new solutions.
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