Frequently Asked Questions

Top executive search firms use GatedTalent to identify and engage with executives for senior-level opportunities around the world. Read our frequently asked questions to understand how recruiters use GatedTalent, and how our site differs from services like LinkedIn and Bluesteps.

  • What is GatedTalent?

    GatedTalent is an online service that allows executives to share information with top executive recruiters, safe in the knowledge that access to that information is controlled.

  • How is GatedTalent different from LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is a public network. GatedTalent is private. As a result, GatedTalent members are typically prepared to share additional information which they would not share on LinkedIn. This includes details on transferrable skills, aspirations and supporting documents including – in some cases – resumes or biographies. On GatedTalent, certain information (including your name, contact details, supporting material and photograph) is hidden from executive recruiters until you accept a connection request.

  • What are the differences between Bluesteps and GatedTalent?

    Bluesteps is a service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants. When an executive creates a profile on Bluesteps, it is available to all AESC members but to no other executive recruiters.  GatedTalent is used by many AESC member firms, but also by other executive recruiters. Unlike Bluesteps, the member is always able to control which firms can access full information on him or her.


    It is also worth pointing out that unlike GatedTalent, Bluesteps is not integrated with the FileFinder CRM system, named the “Best Executive Recruiting Software” by BND.  This makes GatedTalent far more accessible to FileFinder clients.


    We encourage executives considering either service to search Google for independent reviews of both platforms. You can find hundreds of Trustpilot reviews of GatedTalent here.  We suggest you search Google for Bluesteps reviews.

  • Who should create a GatedTalent profile?

    GatedTalent members include executives from more than 100 countries. They include board members, C-Suite executives, other senior executives through to mid-level managers. Our members also include consultants and individuals in strategically significant positions across an organization.

  • Which executive recruiters use the platform?

    More than 200 executive search firms, some with hundreds of recruiters, have ongoing access to the platform. In addition, many more executive recruiters access the platform on an ad-hoc basis for specific searches. Most months, recruiters send more than 100,000 connection requests through our platform.

  • What is the cost of GatedTalent for executives?

    It is entirely free for an executive to create a profile, receive and accept unlimited connection requests from executive recruiters. An executive need never pay us a fee to use our service.


    We offer an optional profile onboarding service for executives that would like us to create a profile on his or her behalf. We also offer a “Premium Subscription” which provides several additional benefits to members wishing to have extra exposure to recruiters or to participate in career webinars.





  • Is GatedTalent legitimate?

    GatedTalent is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a public company (Dillistone Group Plc). Dillistone has provided software and services to executive recruiters for more than 30 years.


    GatedTalent is integrated with the “FileFinder Anywhere Executive Search CRM” which has been repeatedly named as the “Best Executive Recruiting Software” by BND. No other platform is integrated with FileFinder in this way, which provides a unique level of exposure for our members to top executive search firms.


    More than 1,000 independent reviews of GatedTalent may be found on Trustpilot.

  • What other services are offered by GatedTalent?

    GatedTalent offers Executive Interview Coaching, Executive Resume Writing and LinkedIn profile optimization services along with support creating other career documents.  We also offer a directory of executive search firms.

  • I'd like to learn more before registering. What can I do?

    Join us for a complimentary, live webinar and Q+A.  Register here.

  • Would you like to write for us or present a webinar?

    If you are interested in submitting a guest blog for our insights page, or would like to host a webinar for our executive members please let us know via  We are only interested in content that is directly relevant to executive careers. Thanks for your interest.



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