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Preparing for success – Executive interview coaching to ace the executive interview

Executive interviews are distinctive in the way they evaluate executive candidates. As a result, executive interview coaching can be highly essential.

Where junior-level interviews focus majorly on the applicant’s ability to do their job, it is different for the management roles. Executive positions go through a much more intricate interview process. Apart from skills and qualifications, executives are assessed on their leadership abilities, decision-making skills and their capacity to deal with challenges.

Succeeding in your executive interviews

Acing your executive interview entails a great deal of practice, preparation and confidence. You need to project both competence and confidence to inspire credibility from your interviewers.

Preparation is key. It is not enough to assume you know the right answers or that you have the right skills to carry the interview well. It is also not ideal to dredge up answers on the spot.

Take your planning one step further and practise.

Do your due diligence. Get well acquainted with the company. Read about the market trends and try to understand the company culture. Prepare to have solid, real-life examples demonstrating your business acumen and strategies as well as any that exhibits your ability to overcome challenges.

Executive interview preparation is vital if you want to deliver a win.

What is executive interview coaching?

At GatedTalent, we are now offering an online executive interview coaching service. Our executive members can seek consultations with some of the most experienced retained executive search consultants from across the world.

Interviews are not just about what you know. Effective communication is one of the key factors in management roles. This, it is equally important how you convey your story and experiences.

Executive interview coaching prepares you for the interview. You will learn to highlight your career achievements, play to your strengths, and answer questions with conviction and confidence.

It is important to note that executive coaching is not just some generic interview preparation course.

Working with a professional executive coach will grant you plenty of counsel, experience and practice to perform better than your competitors. This one-to-one tutoring will be fundamental as you prepare for a specific interview. Your career history, leadership skills, industry knowledge, and ability to deliver strategic plans will be fashioned appropriately to reflect your target role.

GatedTalent Executive Interview Coaching

You have two options.

  1. One-hour interview prep

This is ideal if you are in urgent need to practice for an upcoming interview. Book a one-hour Zoom session with one of our experts. Expect to prepare for and gain the confidence to handle typical executive-level interview questions.

  1. Interview preparedness counsel

This is suitable for executives who have ample time to prepare for their upcoming interview. A bespoke service, this is designed to help you prepare meticulously and be at your best. The plan consists of 8 hours of preparation work and three different one-on-one Zoom meetings of one hour each.

The 8 hours prep work will comprise extensive reviews of the job description, your executive resume and your career highlights. There will be sufficient time to reflect and prepare answers for the most notable projects – challenges, actions, results. The executive coach will develop a list of questions centred on the job description and the characteristic executive interviews.

The Zoom meetings are focused on the interview practice and review of the answers and performance.

Ready to clinch your executive interview?

As you know, executive interviews are weighed differently. Learn how to listen, think on your feet, maintain a fluid conversation and sell your talents and skills better than your competitor.

Our executive interview consultants are highly experienced coaches with vast knowledge about international markets.


If you have any more questions, we are happy to answer them right away.

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